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For Ladies

Make Up. I highly suggest wearing your make up darker than you’re used to! It may appear strange in person but it photographs really well! This means darker foundation, fake eyelashes (if you’re comfortable), lipstick, eyeliner, filled eyebrows, etc. Also, nail polish looks great on those newly engaged fingers!


Patterns. Patterns photograph really well! It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, but patterns help photos POP! Stripes, plaid, colorful solids, are all recommended.


Accessorize. Accessories are a MUST! No bare earlobes, wrists, o necklines. All of the little details really matter, they don’t distract from your features, they enhance them! Scarfs, belts, hats are encouraged too.


For Gents

Haircut. It’s best to get haircuts at least a week before the shoot to avoid the “fresh haircut” look.


Comfort is Key. Wear clothes that are comfortable, that’s what matters most. If you’re wearing something you’re not used to it will show! Try to avoid clothes that are too baggy, tuck in your shirts. Know that properly fitted clothes are the most flattering.


Patterns. Patterns apply for you too! Just be sure it won't clash with your significant other. Plaid + Stripes both are highly recommended.


For Couples

Avoid being too “Matchy-Matchy.” You want to stick to colors that coordinate well but aren’t exactly the same.


Don’t mix prints! I stated previously that prints are the way to go for stand-out, fashionable photos. However, when you’re taking photos with your significant other you want to want to make sure your outfits don’t clash. One person should stick to solid if the other chooses to wear a print. So refrain from paring his Hawaiian shirt with your Kate-Spade-striped blouse—I promise it won’t look right.


Incorporate your wedding colors! For engagement photos, this is a neat trick you’ll thank me later for. Throw in a scarf or blouse that coordinates or matches your wedding palette, it will make your save-the-dates look clean, fresh, and well put together!


It’s highly encouraged that you bring all outfits in a duffle bag. Outfit changes will occur on location.

For Clients 


Aren’t sure what to wear on the day of the shoot? No worries! Here are a few KRP tips + tricks to ensure your photos come out as detailed + stunning as possible!, tuck in your shirts. Know that properly fitted clothes are the most flattering.


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